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National Indigenous Arts and Cultural Authority

First Nations Roundtable: Summer Session

Our much-enjoyed Zoom Roundtables are returning for 2021!

We navigated the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic by coming together in the Roundtable discussions to reflect, laugh, cry, speak our truth, and affirm the values and strengths of our arts and culture. This year we look forward to the National Summit on First Nations Arts & Culture to be held in Adelaide in October, and we want to hear your thoughts, ideas and expectations.

Register your interest to join us for the first Autumn Session on Friday 19 March at 2.00pm.


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2021 National Summit on First Nations Arts and Culture


Australia is home to the world’s longest continuing living culture with a rich artistic context. Understanding and respecting First Nations cultures is essential to Australia’s social wellbeing and benefits both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

It was 1973 when the first national meeting of the First Nations arts and culture sector took place at ANU in Canberra. This significant gathering set in place the strategies that nurtured First Nations arts and culture for the next fifty years.

A great deal has changed in the world since then, so it is timely to hold another National Summit in October 2021 to discuss future directions for the sector and industry, and identify key arts and culture priorities for its development over the next 50 year to 2070.

The National Summit on First Nations Arts and Culture will be held in Adelaide over five days from 24 – 29 October 2021. It will welcome some 300 delegates, nationally and internationally both in person and by digital access.

The Indigenous cultural leaders participating in this Summit are charged with the task of developing the foundations that will lead to establishing an arts and cultural peak body, or National Indigenous Arts and Cultural Authority (NIACA). This authority will then create a national voice to cherish, nurture and protect First Nations arts and culture for future generations.

The 2021 National Summit for First Nations Arts and Culture is funded through public private partnerships and philanthropic support.

Registration to attend the summit will open soon. Please check back here regularly for updates.

ArtsHub: 22 March 2019

A number of consultation forums taking place across Australia are helping to solidify the formation of a much-needed National Indigenous Arts and Cultural Authority.

CAAMA: 5 November 2018

Radio interview with Lydia Miller, a Kuku Yalanji woman & the Australia Council’s Executive Director for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts.

COVID-19 Updates

The COVID-19 outbreak in Australia remains as a health emergency. The safety of you and others in attendance is our first priority. There are important steps you should take to help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect yourself and those who are most at risk. Please read the latest travel and safety advice from the South Australian Government, Adelaide Convention Centre and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and remote communities before attending.

Please also check the travel advice from your home state: